Your new co-worker

An autonomous service robot for your business

designed to work in crowded spaces, where, by moving autonomously, it helps people with navigation, communicates and answers any questions, shows promotional materials and remembers everyone with whom it interacted.

Attract customer traffic

Automate consultations

Increase customer's loyalty

Reduce risks associated with human factor

User case scenarios

Bussiness Centers

Perfectly copes with the information function: it will help to find the necessary office, it will tell about the companies that are in the building. It will communicate with visitors, favorably influencing their mood, and, as consequence, loyalty.


Always friendly, the robot will help you to get a queue management ticket, tell about the products of the bank and collect feedback from visitors. It can even conclude an agreement with the client for the services of the bank.


The robot easily copes with the work of the promoter: welcomes guests and answers their questions, shows visual materials and attracts everyone’s attention, becoming a favorite of the public.


Length: 1600 mm, Width: 800 mm, Depth: 750 mm; 

Weight: 115 kg; 

8 hours run time, over 12 hours on standby mode.